For Sale Selmer Mark VI Tenor

This is the real thing!  A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a premier example of these legendary saxophones.


I’ve owned this saxophone for 30 years and during that time it has never been gigged as I always used one of my other saxophones to avoid my pride a joy getting scratched or stolen.  I retired from playing many years ago and have, reluctantly, decided to sell my instruments rather than leave them lying in the wardrobe.

The saxophone is close to the condition it left the factory. The serial number is 146xxx which dates it around 1967 (+/- the usual 18 months with regards the Selmer production dates / serial numbers; click here for serial number information.)

As can be seen from the various photographs below, the condition of the saxophone is truly amazing. There are minimal signs of physical wear-and-tear; the lacquer is 90-95% in perfect condition and the pads in equally excellent order.

The tone is as phenomenal as the rest of the instrument and exactly what you would expect from a saxophone of this vintage. In addition to the general good condition  and tone  of this instrument what is really striking about it is the smooth action – it is for that reason that I believe it to be one of the finest examples on the market today.

When I had the instrument valued and I was told how much it was worth I was (very pleasantly!) surprised.  However, when I saw  Roberto’s  Wind in New York and  Tenor Madness  I realised that in the US saxophones ilk are going for up to $19,000 which as of the time of writing is £11,800 (If you need an up to date conversion of USD to GBP click here)

Since I bought the instrument it has been maintained by the one and only  Willie Garnet (Remember when he used to be in King Street, Hammersmith?)  who inspected it a few weeks ago and valued it at £5,500 to £6,500.

I am selling this instrument for £6,250.  (No time wasters, I’m not desperate for the money and I’m not going to take any silly offers).

In the first instance email (note, the reason I’m not putting my telephone number on this website is that I don’t want to be inundated by marketing calls selling  PPI, double glazing and “have you had an accident in the past three years”!!)


(Click on photos to enlarge)

MarkVI_blackbackground    MarkVI_tophalf



MarkVI_incase02 MarkVI_incase03

MarkVI_Bell   MarkVI_bellpads

MarkVI_bellbottom   MarkVI_topback

MarkVI_crookfront   MarkVI_crookside

MarkVI_sidetop   MarkVI_sidebottom